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Slezské kamenolomy a.s. is a company with more than 150 years of tradition of mining and processing of natural stone for use in exterior and interior. The company currently mines and processes raw material from 7 of its own quarries of light Silesian granite, dark and fluted Lipov marble, light Supíkovice marble and Těšín sandstone. Raw materials extracted in our own quarries are processed in the production plant in Mikulovice, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machines for handling, cutting, splitting and surface treatment of stone. The company is thus able to respond to individual customer requirements and ensure a comprehensive supply of standardized and custom-made stoneware products in a rich range of surface treatments.

The offer also includes other types of domestic or foreign stone. The delivery of stoneware products can be carried out, including the focus of the construction, project and assembly. The production is focused on the production of paving blocks (especially the well-known "Prague mosaics" for the historical center of Prague), curbs, curbs, stairs, tiles and tailor-made products such as monuments, sacral buildings, garden accessories and various interior applications. During production, care is taken to protect nature and ecology. Part of the premises is a wastewater treatment plant and a small hydroelectric power plant, which provides part of the company's electricity consumption.

History of stone mining in the Jesenice region

The beginning of opencast mining in the first quarries in the Jesenice region dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The quality stone (especially granite and marble) found in this area meant great conditions for stonemasonry. The expansion of stonemasonry is closely connected with an important figure of the whole Jesenice and Silesian stone-industry AlbertFörster (originally from Supíkovice), who founded the first quarry, stonemasonry works in this area and also participated in the establishment of the first stonemasonry school. The golden age of stone mining and processing is the period from 1880 to dorok 1914, when the Silesian stone industry flourished. The number of quarries increased, steam-powered machines became a benefit for mining, and the construction of the railway enabled the transport of stone products over longer distances. Local stone companies were characterized by high quality products and very quickly began to gain a foothold in the market around the world. Maximum mining was achieved in the whole Jesenice region during and before World War II. The Jesenice region was then the most important center of the granite industry in the First Czechoslovakia. Before the war, a large part of the population was employed in stonemasonry. Hundreds of workers worked in many quarries every day.

The departure of stonemasons and experts of German nationality after World War II caused the decline of stonemasonry production in the region. Many quarries, stonemasons and grinding mills remained abandoned. After the nationalization of the stone industry in 1948, only 12 granite quarries remained in operation. In the period of socialism, the main products were curbs, curbs, diggers, raw blocks and unworked quarry stone. Abandoned quarries began to overgrow with woody plants and in many cases they were flooded. Today they serve mainly as destinations for tourist expeditions of visitors to the region. However, stonemasonry is still very important for the region today. Today and every day, Slezské kamenolomy a.s., which is currently one of the largest mining companies and the largest employers in the region, strives to preserve the tradition and develop stonemasonry production in the region.


Těšín sandstone

Traditionally used material for exterior tiling and garden architecture, especially suitable for various designs of outdoor paving.

Light Silesian granite

Material sought after for its fine structure and light color, suitable for all stone production, paving and tiling.

Supíkovice marble

The material is known for its high hardness, making it ideal for polished tiles, interior tiling, cut paving mosaics and elements of garden architecture.

Lipov marble

The material is known for its high hardness, making it ideal for polished tiles, interior tiling, cut paving mosaics and elements of garden architecture.

Our quarries

Quarry Řeka

Petrov quarry in Žulová

Huttung quarry in Žulová

Supíkovice quarry

Horní Lipová quarry

Quarry Zelená hora in Vápenná

Black Water Quarry (Nový Lom)

Quarry Řeka

The Řeka quarry is the exclusive mineral deposit of Těšín sandstone. This three-storey quarry with a height of approx. 27 m is located on the northern edge of the village Řeka in the Moravian-Silesian region on the eastern slope of the hill Godula, west of the road passing through the village. According to available information, mining began in the quarry at the end of the 19th century. At present, mining is carried out using expandable material or blasting. In the upper parts of the quarry, the sandstone is more weathered and the individual layers have a thickness in the order of no more than tens of cm. Monumental blocks (layer thickness up to 2 m) can also be mined in the lower part of the quarry. The mined stone is processed in the quarry by line hammers for products of rough stone production, but it is also used for noble stone production for the production of tiles and paving.

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